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4 Tips on How to Layer your Necklaces

Layering necklaces is the newest trend in jewelry styling and it is not going out of style any time soon. Layering necklaces is actually not as hard as you thought  and can be a fun way to explore your creativity and unleash your inner stylist. And you don’t necessarily need a whole new collection of necklaces in order to recreate the layered look.  Take a look at your jewelry box and see what necklaces you already have and see what pieces that can be used together. 

Jewelry is a perfect way to elevate any outfit. A boring white v neck top can appear very classy and stylish with the right touch of bling.

Layering several different minimalist necklaces can turn them into one statement making piece of jewelry.  Here are some tips in creating the perfect necklace stack.



Tip #1 : Choose Different Lengths

Pick 3-4 necklaces with various lengths to achieve the ideal necklace stack. We recommend the necklaces to be at least 2 inches apart from each other for the best look. If the necklace has a pendant, you may need to add an extra inch difference between layers to accommodate the pendant. 

My ideal necklace layered stack is usually a 14 inch choker, a 16 inch pendant necklace and a 18 inch necklace (usually one with a centerpiece or a lariat necklace).  These necklace lengths can vary for you, depending on your size. I am a petite 5’ 1”, 120 lbs so my necklaces tend to be on the shorter side.

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3 layer necklaces, rope chain, herringbone chain, coin necklace
Gold layered necklace with chunky short layer and initial necklace for the long layer

Tip #2 : Create Texture by Combining Different Chain Styles

Get creative and experiment with different combinations of chains to get the right look. Combine a thinner chain with a thicker chain and vice versa.  The contrasting texture and style will make your necklace stack more interesting and multidimensional. Throw in some color or a coin necklace into the mix and see what happens.

Picture : 

Olivia necklace, here

Personalized initial medallion necklace


Tip #3 : Don’t be afraid to mix different pendants and style

Mixing and matching different kinds of pendants can also create additional texture and interest to your necklace. If adding a y style/lariat style, make sure it is the longest of all the layers.

3 gold layered necklaces

A woman wearing 2 necklaces, a celestial coin necklace and a toggle coin necklace

Tip #4 : Wear the right top

Wear a v-neck or a scoop neck top to show off your layers. You want your neckline to be the canvas for your necklace stack creation and your v neck top to be the frame that accentuates your art.  In general, you want to keep your top simple, with a solid color, vs a patterned top. Necklace layering is about playing around with the neckline of your top to create an effortless stylish look.

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Most importantly, get on the trend and have fun! There’s no right or wrong way to layer your necklaces and the only way to know is to experiment and try different combinations.


Happy Layering!!




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