Our Jewelry Philosophy

Our Jewelry Philosophy

Blog about YSM Designs Jewelry Philosophy
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About Our Brand

Your Jewelry . Your Story

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Our Jewelry Philosophy

We believe in the power of jewelry in every person’s world. Jewelry provides women with a physical symbol to represent meaning, ideas, values and rituals. And we believe that there is a story behind every piece of jewelry you own and when you put on that necklace/earrings, you are reminded on a memory behind it.  

Empowerment through Jewelry

We strive to bring joy through jewelry. Every piece of jewelry in our shop should bring you positive energy and happiness to your day, every day. Accessorizing with YSM Designs jewelry should make you feel beautiful and bring out your confidence. And we believe with self confidence and happiness, you will radiate this positive energy around you and your loved ones and build a better community.

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Jewelry Experience

Purchasing YSM Designs jewelry should be an experience you will not forget. We strive to create a memorable experience with every purchase with our beautifully curated website, customer service and unboxing of our products. Each item is carefully boxed and wrapped with a ribbon, so every unboxing of our products is like opening a present, gifted by the best or by yourself.

Quality Above All Else

Each piece is made with the highest quality materials sourced and hand picked personally by Yuliana. We used our 12 years of experience in the industry and relationships with our suppliers to be able to acquire the best pieces without the retail markups of big retail shops.

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