5 pieces of jewelry to take on your travel

5 Essential Jewelry Pieces for your Travel Adventures

The most important features about the jewelry you take on your travel is versatility and simplicity.  Your travel jewelry should be flexible so one piece can be worn with many different outfits, and from day to night, matching with your casual outfit, or your dressy dinner ensemble. Taking pieces that are simple will minimize stress and most likely be worn during outings

Here are 5 essential pieces of jewelry that you should take when you travel


  1. Classic gold hoop/stud earrings

A classic pair of gold hoop earrings go with everything from casual jeans and tshirt daytime look to a fancy black evening dress. I have so many pairs of earrings, but time and time again, I always tend to reach for the hoops because it requires no extra thought and I know that it will pair well with any outfit I have. 

This is especially important when you are travelling.  With limited space in your suitcase and being on the go all day, you want to minimize the fuss of trying to match your earrings with your outfits.

We all know that stud earrings are the simplest and most versatile piece of jewelry a woman can have. Therefore, it’s a no -brainer that these types of earrings are the perfect jewelry travel must-have

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Woman wearing paperclip chain necklace

2. A chunky paperclip necklace


A paperclip necklace is the new essential must in your jewelry box. The paperclip style is a chic and stylish type of chain, and the thickness creates a statement to your otherwise simple outfit. The paperclip chain is also great for layering with other necklaces to create a maximum statement piece.

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Paperclip Necklace

3.  A long necklace

When you are wearing a top/dress with a high neckline, a long necklace is your go to accessory. It is also a perfect addition to your layering necklace game.  Layering a short necklace with a long one will yield a statement piece that elevates your otherwise simple look.

Layered Gold Necklace with short carabiner necklace, large padlock toggle necklace and long coin necklace
Gold Oval Locket Necklace


4. A personalized Necklace

I personally love carrying a personalized necklace when I travel. Personalized necklace can be an initial necklace or a locket jewelry, with pictures of your loved one in it. When travelling away from home, I like to be reminded of people who matter the most to me and carrying them close to my heart in the form of a locket makes the perfect travel accessory for me.

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5. Waterproof jewelry

If you are going to a beach vacation, water resistant jewelry is your best friend.  Unlike normal jewelry that will tarnish in contact with moisture, waterproof jewelry has been coated with a water resistant metal alloy that prevents moisture from penetrating its base metal and causing it to tarnish.  They are perfect to take to the pool and the beaches, and you can still look chic and stylish in your bathing suits.

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How to pack your jewelry for travel


The trick to travel with your jewelry safely is to invest in a good jewelry travel organizer. A good travel jewelry case will not only protect your precious pieces from damage but also act as an organizer so you do not lose your jewelry among all your other items in your suitcase or worse, leaving them in the hotel room. With the jewelry case traveling with you, you’d always have a proper, designated place to store your jewelry in your hotel room when you take them off.  It also prevents your necklace from tangling, because we all know how frustrating it can be to detangle them.


Here at YSM Designs, we created the best jewelry travel organizer out there.  It is compact yet roomy to house all your essential jewelry pieces for traveling. Made with luxurious vegan leather that is durable with its scratch proof, water resistant materials, you know that your jewelry will be protected during transport in your suitcase.  

Jewelry Travel organizer case by YSM Designs Beige Jewelry Organizer Case by YSM Designs

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What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you must take for your travel?

Let me know if the comments below. 

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